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Service Prices

Not looking for a Full time team ? That’s fine , we can still help you get things done! These are some popular services we do for our clients. Check out some of our base prices for our services.


Starts at $100

The more complex the logo design will cause price to go up.

Marketing Materials

Starts at $75
Flyers, business cards, brochures, posters, etc. We can also help with printing for an extra fee.


Starts at $400 ( Basic 3 pager - $100 per extra page )

Starts at $500 ( Ecommerce 3 pager - $100 per extra page )

Shopify Store Set Up

Starts at $300

(Price can increase depending on number of pages and products )

Social Media Set Up

Facebook, Instagram, Youtube Account Setup - $50 per account Content Upload (Does not include content creation) - $5 per upload

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